Provenance, Sustainability and Order sourcing

You have probably heard about food trust by now: The obvious use cases are about traceability of food products using block chain about where ingredients have been grown, sourced from. In this use case,  this information could also be used to work out perishability dates of food products dynamically. I was at NRF in Jan 2020 where I had a good conversation with regards to provenance (i.e. the knowledge of product origin) and sustainability with Benedikt Furrer (Nordics CTO),  Martin Wolfe Read more [...]

Ocado Does Good in Canada

Ocado's share price surged on news that it has signed a second international deal that will help its bid to become a major supplier of technology to the grocery industry. Ocado will spend two years helping Sobeys, Canada’s second-largest food retailer, build a warehouse outside Toronto and will allow the chain to use its ecommerce, product picking and logistics technology to take and deliver orders. Ocado expects the deal to have minimal impact on its earnings this year with an extra Read more [...]

Practical Steps for The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance

There are hundreds of articles on the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which give a basic overview, but very few that offer a practical, step by step guide to getting GDPR compliant. Gartner estimate that by the end of 2018, over 50% of companies affected by the GDPR will not be in full compliance with its requirements. This could open the non-compliant companies up to the new fines. Serious offences could result in fines of up to to €20 million or 4% of a firm's global turnover (whichever Read more [...]

AARRR Framework

The AARRR framework is divided in 5 steps developed by Dave McClure in 2007. AARRR is a wonderfully simple and actionable framework to help you better understand your consumers and measure your and optimise your funnel. AARRR is the perfect tool to help you to make more informed data-driven decisions, and is used by some of the most powerful tech companies. Read more [...]

Microsoft’s Blockchain Service

Open source framework to help firms handling thousands of transactions per second in a secure manner Microsoft has launched the ultrafast Coco Framework as it seeks to drive the uptake of Blockchain in enterprise networks. Coco is being touted to organisations that require more than 1,600 transactions per second and Microsoft also said that it will launch the framework on GitHub in 2018 as an open source project. Coco Framework Microsoft’s announcement comes amid heightened Read more [...]

Sales at IBM Fall for the 21st Quarter

Sales at IBM fall for the 21st quarter, as heavy investments in AI and cloud fails to make good on legacy decline The scale of the task ahead for IBM’s Ginni Rometty is clear after Big Blue disappointed Wall Street with its weak quarterly results. The results revealed a decline in both profits and sales, and matters were made even worse by the fact that revenues from its cloud division also declined in the second quarter. IBM has been banking heavily on its cloud, artificial Read more [...]

Innovations That Helped Waitrose Win the UK’s Favourite Supermarket in a Which? Survey

Waitrose has recently been voted the UK’s favourite supermarket in a Which? survey on customer satisfaction, beating M&S and Sainsbury’s for the third year in a row. The survey involved customer ratings on appearance, queue-length, availability ease of finding products, and overall quality. And while you might argue that these features should be standard as opposed to something that differentiates a retailer, it’s clear that Waitrose is leading the pack in terms of the in-store supermarket Read more [...]

10 Traits That Make an Amazing Digital Leader

I have worked for some great Digital leaders and tried to follow what worked when I became a Digital leader myself. Here are the traits I think make an amazing Digital Leader: Act quickly and be willing to fail. Digital is the fastest moving cog in your business and if you hesitate you will be left behind. Failing is the best way to learn - just make it's a cheap and quick failure! Learn from failure, iterate and keep improving. Be a thinker and a "doer". The best thinkers are also doers Read more [...]