smartecommerce advert

New IBM Smarter Commerce TV Advert

smartecommerce advertThe first set of adverts lays out the need for smarter commerce and what the approach involves. “Consumers have become more empowered and demanding in what has become an ever increasingly digital world, while companies’ efforts to keep up with them are lagging behind,” says Nick. “Using print advertising in the first instance, a long-copy ‘opinion editorial’ style advert will launch in the Financial Times on Saturday 21 January, with further insertions planned in The Economist.“Following on from this, a burst of new TV advertising will run for two weeks from 6 February across terrestrial and digital channels. A second round of TV activity will commence on 5 March for a further two weeks.

The TV advert features UK IBMer Steve Cowley, VP of Solution Sales, and uses an animated box to illustrate how smarter commerce has helped companies increase online revenue by detecting, reacting to and predicting demand. Nick says: “The key message is that companies need to stay ahead of demand by reacting to customer data quicker than ever… smarter commerce, the entire supply chain process, enables them to do so.” You can watch a sneak preview of the new advert


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