IBM WebSphere Commerce V8.0 Released

IBM just announced WebSphere Commerce v8!

At a glance IBM WebSphere Commerce V8.0 enhancements include the capability to:

  • Let merchandisers and marketers deepen customer engagement, drive customer loyalty, increase revenues, and improve profitability with an improved business user environment.
  • Help deliver a better customer service and support experience.
  • Provide a software platform upgrade to the latest web application server, database, and integrated developer environment, and incorporate earlier WebSphere Commerce V7.0 feature pack capabilities.

There are some particularly interesting features.

The first one is the new customer service representative features (CSR):

WebSphere Commerce V8.0 provides new customer service enhancements with Customer Service for WebSphere Commerce that enable a customer service representative (CSR) to resolve common issues and capture orders. These new capabilities are built into the WebSphere Commerce V8.0 storefront and enable a CSR to perform key tasks on behalf of a guest, registered customers, and for both B2B and B2C business models. Customer Service for WebSphere Commerce is offered for both Professional and Enterprise editions. – link

And of course the next is the long anticipated IBM Commerce Insights which:

IBM intends to deliver Commerce Insights in 2015, as a separately orderable, software as a service (SaaS) offering that can be used with your on premises or on cloud deployment of IBM WebSphere Commerce V8.0. – link

In Version 8.0, the Management Center is updated to use Dynamic HTML (DHTML) and the open source Spring Framework.

This update makes it easier for developers to customize and embed custom tools in the Management Center. With DHTML, Management Center is no longer dependent on Adobe™ Flash technology, and developers who customize the Management Center can now view their changes without first compiling their code. Additionally, the Management Center user interface now has a new look.

In addition to the enhancements for business users, Version 8.0:

  • Leverages a software platform upgrade to the latest versions of the web application server, database, and integrated developer environment.
  • Incorporates the capabilities of earlier WebSphere Commerce V7.0 feature packs.
  • Provides more streamlined packaging options.
  • Allows businesses to use the Gift Center capability in their physical stores, without the purchase of an additional license.

WebSphere Commerce now supports WAS ND 8.5, DB2 10.5 and of course RAD 9.5 for development.
WebSphere Commerce Management Center now leverages dynamic HTML (DHTML) and the open source framework Spring. Which means extending the WebSphere Commerce tooling will be much easier going forward.


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