Aldi Starts Selling Wine Online

Aldi_Wine_2016-01-28Aldi have launched a site selling wine online. From looking at the cookie we can see they are using a JEE application, which points towards Hybris as we know they are developing their Grocery site on Hybris.

Aldi have placed their wine site very prominently on home page.

The Aldi online wine store launched today (19 January), with the retailer offering home delivery for the first time to UK shoppers.

More than 90 wines will be available online and customers will be able to choose a case of six wines or order a ready-mixed case from a selection of regions.

In the UK, discount supermarkets such as Aldi and Lidl have been increasing in popularity over the past few years and have begun expanding from food sales to wine. Aldi is one of the fastest growing retailers in the UK and is now the country’s sixth largest supermarket.

One in every 13 bottles of wine purchased in the UK is already from Aldi.

Matthew Barnes, CEO of Aldi UK, said, ‘We regularly receive feedback from customers who are astonished by the outstanding quality of our wines. E-commerce will open up this wine range to those who, until we complete our store expansion plans, may not necessarily live near an Aldi store.’

Rival Lidl also expanded its wine range last year, hiring Richard Bampfield MW to curate its ‘Wine Cellar’ selection.




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