Best online grocery shopping 2016 UK

There is quite a range of stores offering online groceries in the UK:

All have established services, and Poundland has entered the fray recently. The big hitters all feature developed sites that are well laid out and offer comprehensive ranges of fresh food, drinks, and household goods. Functionality is pretty much the same across the board, with all the sites proving easy to use and understand.

Loyalty schemes are worth taking note of, as there are some good deals available to regular shoppers. Tesco’s Clubcard is a real jewel in the crown for the supermarket giant, as the points shoppers accrue for spending money online, physically in-store, or at Tesco petrol stations, all go towards rewards. These include restaurant vouchers that can be quadrupled in value – so a £5 Clubcard voucher transfers into £20 at Pizza Express.

Sainsbury’s offers Nectar points for its customers, and again this applies to online, in-store, or at the petrol pump. Waitrose has a range of benefits that change on a regular basis, but an interesting one is that MyWaitrose card holders are entitled to a free cup of tea or coffee when they visit a store. Very civilised.

Best online grocery shopping 2016 UK: Which stores is right for you?

As you can see from the range available there isn’t really a definitive answer. All of the major supermarkets offer a huge range of produce which mirrors that of their physical stores. With a quarter of all grocery shopping in the UK now conducted online it’s obvious that the brands see how important this market has become, hence the excellent websites on show. So really the choice comes down to your personal preference.

That being said, we strongly suggest that you take advantage of the new customer deals offered by the sites. Not only will this save you money, but you’ll also be able to sample the various outlets and decide for yourself which one has the best balance of products, rewards, and service for your needs. Before you give your loyalty to one brand, you owe it to yourself to sample the wares on offer, and make a few savings along the way. As someone once said, every little helps.


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