Changing the Way We Choose a Partner for Digital Transformation

The traditional method for large enterprises to choose a partner is the RFP process. However, the process is usually very slow and can take 1 to 6 months in my experience.

Digital Transformation needs a far quicker process. Many companies are starting to use POCs, conversations or “Conference Room Pilots” (CRPs) with all potential vendors in order to select the best vendor. This has many advantages:

  • Speed
  • You get to know the vendor’s team better and can assess whether they will be a good cultural fit
  • You get to see the vendor actually working out solutions on the fly. Some traditional vendors use relatively fixed Methods / Patterns. By firing requests they have not prepared for during a CRP you can work out how agile and entrepreneurial the vendor’s thinking is
  • RFPs force you to fix the scope as much as possible. You may work out a better scope or outcome during the process and using POCs, CRPs and Conversations allows you to be more adaptable.

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