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Bharat is a Thought leader in the domain of Order Management at IBM and a globally recognised expert on IBM Sterling Supply Chain with many implementations under his belt. With a nickname of 'Senior Sherpa' - He has led clients through their transformation journeys to Omni-channel retail including rapid rollout of large system of systems solutions. He has also delivered Hybrid Cloud architecture using Openshift with for delivering Operationalised devops with a 3 week release cycle to production, with custom microservices across the multicloud He is currently exploring - Event mesh architecture to unlock data across the multi-cloud to deliver Intelligent Supply Chain Solutions that look to evolve from a typical rules based fulfilment orchestration to a cost-based fulfilment model and also - Continuous optimisation engines to reduce cost of fulfilment and to generate better buying and fulfilment options - Cloud agnostic deployment architecture to deploy/maintain solutions in a multi-cloud environment. He uses Kubuntu as his personal OS (and maintains his wife and in-laws Kubuntu laptops) and also dabbles at being a full stack developer in his spare time. He is a keen proponent of technologies like plantuml to promote easier maintainable and searchable documentation and has contributed code to open source wiki projects to include this capability in addition to also using gatsby+plantuml extensively for internal documentation If you want to talk about Supply Chain, Order Management or just exchange stories using Linux, Plantuml or Kubernetes, feel free to give him a shout

Provenance, Sustainability and Order sourcing

You have probably heard about food trust by now: The obvious use cases are about traceability of food products using block chain about where ingredients have been grown, sourced from. In this use case,  this information could also be used to work out perishability dates of food products dynamically. I was at NRF in Jan 2020 where I had a good conversation with regards to provenance (i.e. the knowledge of product origin) and sustainability with Benedikt Furrer (Nordics CTO),  Martin Wolfe Read more [...]

Order management paradigms and trends

A friend of mine was commenting that the days of ground breaking order management implementations are a thing of the past. The Good old days, he mused was about bringing about an OMS (Order Management System) to replace those large ERPs. Now these days, they all offer online ordering, home delivery, click and collect and at the face of it seem to have it all; The retail IT industry has moved from the introduction/growth to a maturity stage. My comment  was that there is still a lot of work Read more [...]

Order Management Systems and PCI-DSS Compliance

At the very outset, let me call out that this is not intended to be a one stop guide to PCI-DSS compliance or implementation. The PCI –DSS requirements are detailed in the PCI Security Standards Council website  ( and you are advised to go through the standard in detail before considering an implementation. What I will do is to try and present the relevance of the standard from the context of Order Management in plain and simple English. Hopefully it helps you Read more [...]

Inventory Visibility –A brief introduction

Single view of inventory is a term that is being talked about a lot particularly if in the context of Order Management, along with the term “Single view of Order”.  As a capability or a system, it is usually referred to as Global Inventory Visibility or a GIV system. In any GIV discussion, a lot of attention is usually given to on-hand or available inventory and hard allocation/inventory reservation. But what is not often mentioned is that the ability to promise a customer order using future Read more [...]

Grocery Supply Chain Execution– Do we really need an Order Management System?

I was recently having a chat with a couple of people about the peculiarities of Grocery online order fulfilment vs.General Merchandising. A question that came up was – Does a Grocery e-business really need an order management solution? In order to answer that we need to first talk about how a Grocery e-business works. In the UK, the store-on-web model is typical. When a customer visits a Grocery website, he is usually asked to register and login. Using his address zip code, the store nearest Read more [...]