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Amazon Go – What Is It & How Does It Work?

Amazon Go is a brick-and-mortar grocery store The Seattle-based store will open to to the public in 2017 The store features 'Just Walk Out' tech and works with an app You can just walk in to Amazon Go, grab items, and leave There's no need to wait in line or even check-out at a register Amazon has described Amazon Go as "a new kind of store with no checkout required". That means, when you shop at Amazon Go, you'll never have to wait in line. The Read more [...]

Walmart Online Grocery Adds Curbside Pickup

Walmart today is announcing an expansion of its online grocery shopping service with launches in eight additional markets, as well as plans for a continued rollout to several more regions in the months ahead. The news comes at a time when a number of startups and larger companies, including Amazon, are vying to become consumers’ preferred online grocery delivery service. Meanwhile, Walmart has largely been pursuing a different strategy with prior tests of online grocery shopping combined Read more [...]

Choose Your Own Discounts at Waitrose

Waitrose  says it’s putting its customers in the driving seat as it gives them the power to pick which groceries they save money on when they shop either in a branch or online. The supermarket says its Pick Your Own Offers scheme is a world-first. Customers who are also members of loyalty scheme myWaitrose can now choose ten products they’d like to save 20% on, from a list of almost 1,000. That list includes everyday items as well as special treats and is chosen from the most popular Read more [...]

JLab – The John Lewis Lab Gets New Mentors

John Lewis has named entrepreneur Luke Johnson and founder Sara Murray among its panel of mentors. The pair will advise and judge entrants to its technology start-up incubator, JLab. John Lewis announced earlier this year that it was launching JLab in a bid to tap into innovative ideas from smaller technology companies and start-ups. The team of mentors, headed up by technology entrepreneur Stuart Marks, include Graham Clempson, managing partner of Quartic Capital, Read more [...]